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My Story

   Some time ago I was born in the North-East of England and studied art at school, attaining grade ‘A’ at O-level. I then channelled my creativity through my work (clinical therapist) and hobbies (musician, photographer).


   Early in 2020, after the onset of lockdown, I took up painting again and approached it with the exuberance of a student discovering a new skill and new possibilities. Unable to play bass guitar with my band, art became the focus of my expressivity. It became both an emotional and a creative release, roles that it continues to fulfil today, after the end of lockdown.

   Exploring new (for me) and/or unusual techniques, perspectives and ideas, often combining the two, allows me to create art that is different. I like to push my boundaries, to be on a voyage of discovery, to boldly create what no man has created before. (It’s art, Jim, but not as we know it.) What will I come up with next?

   Now I live and paint in North Somerset.

   Exhibiting in the BS9 Arts Trail 2022 is both a thrill and a privilege. It is my first exhibition. 

   My goal is to create art which I (and you) will find both surprising and astonishing, both beautiful and thrilling. I want my art to make me (and you) think either “Wow!” or “OMG!” or both. 


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